Slama see Nebraska duty to resist federal infringement on rights

LINCOLN - In her May 3 column, State Sen. Julie Slama outlined her position in co-sponsoring a legislative resolution to express concern about recent actions and executive orders issued by President Joe Biden.

Sen. Slama says rights to religion and to bear arms are at risk, as well as property rights and other protections offered by the Bill of Rights.


Here is her column


This week, the Executive Board of the Legislature held a hearing on a resolution that I proudly co-sponsor, LR 107, introduced by Senator Groene that serves as a clear statement of our state Legislature’s grave concerns with the Biden administration’s actions against our First and Second Amendments, elections, property rights, and vaccine passports.

It is well-known that the Constitution of the United States says that Americans have the right to their own religion, and Nebraska’s State Constitution reflects the same values. Nebraskans have the explicit freedom to practice their religion according to the dictates of their consciences without interference from the government. However, we are seeing the federal government act in ways that seek to punish traditional religious beliefs about the sanctity of life and sexuality. LR 107 outlines the federal government’s infringement of Nebraskans’ rights to practice their religious beliefs as they see fit through attacks on pro-life movements to inappropriate sex education standards.

In early April, the Biden administration signed six Executive Orders to “reduce gun violence.” These measures include creating model “red flag” legislation for states. In reality, these Executive Orders will infringe Nebraskans’ right to bear arms, as granted in the Second Amendment. Luckily, 80 of our 93 counties have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties, and our Governor has declared Nebraska as a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. LR 107 states that Nebraska recognizes that the orders issued by the President of the United States are in opposition to the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Nebraska. 

LR 107 also states that our state is opposed to the federal government’s attempt to usurp the election process in our nation. The House of Representatives recently introduced H.R. 1, which would destroy protections on our elections such as voter identification requirements, periodic updates of voter files, and restrictions on fraud-prone ballot harvesting. This legislation would also take the right of redistricting from state legislatures. The Constitution states that election laws are left to state legislatures to decide, and LR 107 calls out the federal government for working to uproot that.

Senator Groene’s resolution also expresses Nebraska’s dissatisfaction with the federal government’s plan to restrict the private use of at least thirty percent of America’s lands and waters, coined the “30x30 Plan” by 2030. In our state, 97% of our land is privately owned. As a state, we can not, and will not allow the federal government to take property away from our citizens without due process. Doing so would be a direct violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.

Finally, LR 107 addresses vaccines and vaccine passports. Nebraskans have a right to choose what vaccines they want to be injected into their bodies, and the federal government should not have the ability to force citizens of the United States to get a vaccine. Similarly, vaccine passports and mandates violate the Constitution in that it restrains a person’s right to peaceably assemble and restricts their freedom to travel or conduct commerce.

LR 107 is a timely resolution that addresses many of the issues which concern Nebraskans. Our Bill of Rights was created to protect our rights citizens. It is our duty as a state to place a check on the federal government when it steps outside of its authority and tries to take away our rights. I look forward to discussing this resolution on the floor and representing the values that Nebraskans hold dear.

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