Sidney bans parking on certain streets to combat littering

SIDNEY, NE — Sidney is taking steps to reduce littering in the town.

The city council approving a measure Tuesday night to ban parking on certain streets near the interstate. Streets impacted include Silverberg Dr., Jennifer Ln., Chase Blvd. and Upland Parkway.

The roads affected are normally used by truck drivers as a place to stop for the night. Sidney Police Chief Joe Aikens says the semi drivers leave behind tons of trash when they head out of town, including bags of feces and urine.

"In discussions of what's going on out there, we're having a heck of a time with the truckers parking on Silverberg Drive behind Bomgaars all the way down to the Fairfield," Aikens said. "They're using that street as a big trash can."

Environmental group Keep Sidney Beautiful recently did a trash pick up along one of the streets. Volunteers picked up 1,500 lbs. of trash that day. Aikens told the council all the nearby businesses he spoke to are in favor of the parking ban. 

Aikens says the city plans to put new signage up and to start enforcing the ban as soon as possible.