Showing appreciation for agriculture, a kick-off event for the Gage County Fair and Expo

BEATRICE – With the full Gage County Fair and Expo back this year from its coronavirus break, so was the popular Tuesday night kick-off event.
The Agriculture Appreciation Barbecue, held at the Main Livestock Barn on the fairgrounds, usually has about two thousand tickets go out. Chairperson of the Beatrice Area Chamber’s Agri-Business Committee, Kelly Lenners, says it was no different this year.

"We didn't miss a beat....even by not having it last year."

During this 150th year of the Gage County fair, Lenners says the business community recognizes the year-round important of agriculture to the area economy.
"I think this shows that the businesses really appreciate agriculture...the agricultural customers....and they want to show their appreciation for doing this for them again."

The chamber Ag Committee gets volunteers from local businesses each year to help staff the food line to serve customers, and Lenners says there’s no shortage of those wanting to help out.

"In fact, the volunteer list actually fills up quicker than giving the tickets out to our customers. So, we have great support from the businesses in the community to get the tickets out and also come here and help us run the event."

What would fair week be without hot weather, and Tuesday night was no exception. But, for those attending the barbeque, you could eat at the barn or use the take-out option.

"When it's hot outside, I completely understand...people are going to grab and go, and that makes sense rather than sitting in the heat. So, we have had a few more grab-and-goes today."  Temperatures were in the low to mid 90s for the five to seven p.m. Ag Appreciation Barbeque.

Wednesday’s first day of the fair includes judging of open-class exhibits, check-in of livestock entries, a broiler show and livestock judging, the D.C. Pride of Texas Carnival and the Tuff N Nuff Youth Rodeo.