Severe weather kills power, smashes cars

NE -- Severe weather tore through Northeast Nebraska early Thursday morning, shredding tree debris all over towns. 

"It kind of sounded like the Fourth of July around my house," said Josiah Hanks of Madison.

 A tornado warning urged people to take shelter. Still, some residents say, that's just how tornado season goes.

"It's just a mess on the yard, we're very very very fortunate," said Joan Nelson, Newman Grove. She spent the morning picking up branches from her neighborhood. "This is what you get in a small town, neighbors pitching in to clean up." 

Across the northeast, signs were downed, garbage was thrown across streets, trees blocked pathways, and many spent the night in their basement. Nearly two thousand lost power for hours as lines were hit.

"You don't always know how the tree is gonna come down if it's going to twist or roll when it's hanging down," Chad Burdigan, energy lineman for NPPD said, as he was fixing a wire in Norfolk.  

Thankfully no injures were reported, however, the threat of severe weather continues.