Seven people sentenced by Stanton County judge

STANTON, Neb. -- The Stanton County District court had a busy day handing out sentences, according to a press release issued by court officials on Tuesday. In total, Judge James Kube handed out sentences to seven offenders.

Caleb Haas, 26, of West Point, was sentenced to two consecutive 18-month prison terms for possession of a controlled substance (prescription) and possession of methamphetamine. Haas was arrested last year after a traffic stop near Stanton.

Joshua Knight, 30, of Columbus, was sentenced to a year in prison for criminal impersonation and a two-year consecutive sentence for possession of a controlled substance - methamphetamine. Knight was arrested last December in downtown Stanton after a traffic stop. There is a co-dependent in this case, and her felony case is still pending in District Court.

Paul Sciarappa, 51, of Stanton, was sentenced to 18 months' probation and 90 days in jail for attempted possession of methamphetamine. Sciarappa was arrested last year at his residence in Stanton. There were two others in this case, however, they failed to show up for sentencing in court on felony charges, and there were arrest warrants issued for their arrest.

Nicholas Walker, 26, of Omaha and Courtney Greening, 27, of Council Bluffs, Iowa were both arrested last year by the Sheriff's office in possession of a large quantity of blank financial transaction devices that included checks and credit cards, along with methamphetamine.

Faith Brayeton, 43, of Stanton pled guilty to a felony charge of possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana. Brayerton was arrested during a traffic stop near Stanton.

Angelo Ricard, 29, of Norfolk pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge. Ricard was found guilty of possession of ecstasy and no operator's license. He was arrested last year by the Stanton County Sheriff's office near Woodland Park following a traffic stop.