Senators debate Nebraska’s best 4th of July town

RALSTON - The monumental debate surrounding the state's biggest and best 4th of July celebration rages on.

Politicians and city leaders from Ralston and Seward met at the Ralston Arena on Thursday to defend their town's case as the most patriotic city in Nebraska.

"That question doesn't even deserve an answer," Senator Mark Kolterman said with a smile. "The reality is everybody knows Seward is the official 4th of July city in the state of Nebraska. So let's just quit trying to cover it up and make something that isn't real."

"Because he has this little monument in Seward, Senator Kolterman thinks that that's the best celebration in the state," Senator Steve Lathrop kidded. "We of course in Ralston feel like we are because we have the parade, we have the fire works, and we have the people that show up."

The good-natured affair started during the past legislative session when a fireworks bill was debated by lawmakers.

Thursday's debate built further excitement around both community's upcoming festivities after the pandemic shut 4th of July celebrations down last summer.

"We brought out the spirit of cooperation today," Senator Kolterman added. "Ralston has a very good program here in town. We like to think we have a better program in Seward. But the reality is they're both good for the state of Nebraska, and the fact of the matter is we're all open for business.

Both Seward and Ralston are expecting to have upwards of 40,000 people flock to their towns over the weekend.

News Channel Nebraska will be televising the Ralston Independence Day Parade live and streaming it online with coverage beginning at 1 PM CT on Sunday.