Sealant work on city streets to get underway soon, in Beatrice

BEATRICE - A maintenance procedure to extend the life of city streets in Beatrice will be starting soon. The City of Beatrice is contracting with Topkote, Inc. of Yankton, South Dakota, to armor coat asphalt streets with an expected starting date of next Monday, July 19th, continuing through July 23rd.

Armor coating is the process of spraying a tacky asphaltic material over the existing roadway surface followed by spreading a thin uniform layer of aggregate material over the top. In addition to the traditional armor-coating or chip seal work....Street Superintendent Jason Moore says another maintenance procedure is being tried this summer.

"This year we've got a new, onyx sealant that is going to be applied, black in color. The contractor is out of Kansas. They'll sweep the surface and apply an epoxy...and then spray over the top of that with black onyx. The aggregate is in the they will spray it down and it will bond to the epoxy. There's no dust as well as no cleanup. We'll see how it works out this year."

Moore says the company has been using the material on streets and roads in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

"It's really the same're just creating a shell over the surface of the roadway in hopes of getting some extended life."

The streets where the armorcoating work will be undertaken include:

7th Street – Ella to Washington Street
8th Street – Summit to Garfield Street
11th Street – Lincoln to Park Street
12th Street – Lincoln to Garfield Street
13th Street – Court to Lincoln Street
14th Street – Washington to Hoyt Street
Hayes Street – High to Court Street
16th Street – Court to Lincoln Street
Summit Street – 9th to 13th Street

Parking will be prohibited between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. during the work.