Ricketts’ Stop 30 x 30 town hall tour coming to Pickrell, York

PICKRELL, NE - Gov. Pete Ricketts is continuing his tour of the state to denounce a presidential executive order.

Town hall events in York and Pickrell this week are the seventh and eighth on his Stop 30 x 30 tour. His efforts concern an executive order issued by President Joe Biden to develop a plan to conserve at least 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030. The order is vague but Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has told reporters the government isn’t going to seize land. Ricketts doesn’t buy it.

“The secretary said, ‘hey this is not a land grab.’ When the secretary of Ag says it’s not a land grab, you know it’s a land grab," Ricketts said. "How do you get 30 percent of Nebraska into conservation on a voluntary basis? If you’re not going to (take land), then you’re not telling us what’s going on here.”

Ricketts wants property owners and local government leaders to attend the town halls. He wants to make people aware of the 30 x 30 plan because he thinks the federal government will implement it below the radar.

“If they’re going to try to accomplish it through putting language in CRP agreements or doing more permanent conservation easements, that’s going to happen at the county level," Ricketts said. "That’s not something the state’s going to be involved in. That’s going to be between farmers and ranchers and the federal government.”

Wednesday’s stop in York is at 2:00 at the York Country Club. Thursday’s event in Pickrell is at the Four Generations Barn at 6:45.