Renewable Fuels Nebraska Calls for EPA to Act

Renewable Fuels Nebraska Calls for EPA to Act
Renewable Fuels Nebraska

LINCOLN — After the announcement of the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Renewable Fuels Nebraska association is asking for the EPA to approve 15 percent ethanol, or E15, for year-round sales.

Executive Director of Renewable Fuels Nebraska Troy Bredenkamp says Pruitt had refused to lift outdated restrictions that unfairly limit consumer access to lower-cost fuel blends with E15.

The E15 fuel is available in 30 states, but the EPA restricts retailers from selling it during the summer. E15 has a typical sale price of five to ten cents lower than standard blends, it also gives more miles per dollar, and allows costumers to support Nebraska farmers who harvest energy-rich feeds for ethanol production.

“At a time when oil prices are rising, the EPA under Pruitt failed American motorists during the busiest driving season of the year,” Bredenkamp said. “…the lost savings are taking their toll. The EPA has been talking about E15 for over a year, but Pruitt had refused to act on the president’s request for an E15 fix.”

“With administrator Pruitt’s departure, it is time for the EPA to stop dragging their feet on a simple regulatory change that could benefit motorists in 30 states, where E15 is a popular option during the spring, winter, and fall,” Bredenkamp said. “The president and USDA Secretary Perdue want a solution to surging gas prices and E15 can play a large role.”

According to the RFN, over 100 businesses and farm leaders across seven Midwest states have supported the RFN’s call to action.