Red Cross to test donors for COVID-19 antibodies

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP-TV As the American Red Cross makes an urgent call for blood donations to help prevent a summer shortage, the organization is now also testing all donors for COVID-19 antibodies.

The testing started Monday and will continue through the summer.

The Red Cross says it will help people learn whether they have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Donors can expect to get their results within 7 to 10 days.

“It is just one extra test we are going to run on the blood but it’s one that is incredibly time sensitive,” said Red Cross Donor Recruitment Account Manager Amanda Koubek. “How many people that you have talked to have said, “oh I think I had a mild case of COVID or I think I had it but I just haven’t went and got tested,” so this is a way for them to determine if yes they were exposed to it and developed antibodies.” It’s going to be a really easy way for people to determine if they are eligible to donate plasma to help people who are currently fighting COVID.”

The antibody test results will be available in the Red Cross Blood Donor App or donor portal at

To schedule your appointment to donate blood by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or visiting All donors will receive a $5 Amazon gift card via email through the end of the month.

Donors will be required to wear a mask and observe social distancing.

If you are not feeling well or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms you should reschedule your appointment.