Ralston voters to decide $84 million school bond issue

Voters in one small Metro school district will go to the polls in October to say yes or no to an expensive but somewhat scaled back bond issue.

The Ralston School Board this week approved plans for an $84 million district wide fix-up, just down from a $94 million plan that was being discussed.

If okayed by the voters the owner of a $200,000 home would pay an additional $130 a year in property taxes, to a school district with just over 3,300 students. 

According to a poll posted on the district's website, the bond issue has the backing of more than enough voters to pass as 63 percent of the 405 people asked said they would vote in favor of a measure that raised their taxes $140 a year.

Fix-ups would go to the high school, middle school, and five of the six elementary schools; the sixth, Mockingbird Elementary built in 1964 would be replaced with a new building erected alongside the current site at a cost of $21 million.

Among other changes, most schools would get security upgrades and greater energy efficiency.

The high school gets the largest part of the money, but a new football grandstand and press box have been nixed paving the way for the less expensive bond issue.

Ralston’s last school bond issue was in 2001— a $26 million high school only measure—that was approved by the voters.

The vote on this bond issue will be done only by mail. Voting will start in late September; the final day to vote is October 12.