Raising the beam, at the Southeast Nebraska YMCA

BEATRICE - A beam signing and raising ceremony was held Friday for the Southeast Nebraska YMCA expansion, going on in Beatrice.
An expansion of the facility is on track for completion next Spring….and if officials can tap a new state grant program, an additional phase might be added.

"There is a lot of excitement. I think the people in the community really realize what an asset our Y is to our community and the fact that we are going to have a much-needed facelift is going to be well-received by community members....having the locker rooms redone...having more space for the wellness center....having more dedicated space for the kids, that's what it's all about."

Deanne Caspers-Moon is Project Manager for Caspers Construction, the general contractor for the work. The YMCA has come a long way from its days long ago when it was housed in a cramped downtown building space. The current project is the second addition onto the YMCA along East Scott Street.

"We did an addition that was pretty significant in 1999 when we added on the gym and then to do this renovation now....so our community has really done a wonderful job of supporting the Y, ever since its inception."

Caspers Moon is also the Facilities Committee Chairperson for the Southeast Nebraska YMCA and a long-time member of the YMCA Foundation. The first phase of this expansion is expected to be done by the end of this year.

"We can actually get in, and enjoy it. And, then the next phase is just very intensively working on the locker rooms. That will take the first, and most of the second quarter of next year, then will be able to turn that over as complete."

Getting state assistance through a law passed this session to help non-profits undertake projects, could allow the YMCA to add a therapy pool.