Radler Bicycle Festival this weekend, hospitality urged from motorists

NEBRASKA CITY – Lied Lodge and Conference Center organizers say they are ready for the Radler Bike Festival this weekend, but the motorists on public roadways have yet to be tested.

The festival includes routes of 20, 40 or 60-mile loops that include rocked county roads and major highways. More than 200 cyclists are expected for rides Saturday and Sunday, June 5-6.

Event Marketing Manager at Arbor Day Farm Krystl Knabe said the Radler Bike Festival is a natural fit for this area of the state.

Knabe: “Bike riders are looking for gravel road rides and we know we have plenty of beautiful gravel roads and great scenery in this part of the state.”

Riders will also be taking a portion of business Highway 75 before making their way north on Goosehill Road and will cross Highway 75  at Nebraska City on the return trip. The short route south includes the four-lane highway until the OPPD road.

Knabe: “They will be using hand signals when they turn. They will be riding as far to the shoulder as possible, but we just encourage motorists, as you are in the area, use caution, slow down and when safely able to pass do so safely. Riders are expecting that. They will be sharing the road.”

Staggered start times are planned Saturday afternoon to allow motorist to proceed through route intersections with minimal, normal wait times. A mass start is planned at 9 a.m. on Sunday, so intersections will be blocked a few minutes as they exit south out of town.

She said citizens’ hospitality can help ensure a successful event.

Knabe: “Come out and cheer them on as they are exiting Nebraska City, either way – the north or the south – on Saturday and Sunday. Also we’re working with NCTC to get our riders downtown, into our local businesses, taking in the move in the Sunken Parking lot on Saturday night. If you see them riding through town just wave at them. They’d love to stop and visit. They are here as tourists. Help them really take in Nebraska City and southeast Nebraska.”