Radio station reboot aims to benefit local businesses, promote live music

NORFOLK, Neb. - A northeast Nebraska radio station hopes to benefit local businesses while rebranding.

"We've got some crazy ideas with US92," said host of new US92 morning show, The New Guys, Caelan Debban.
Debban is talking about some of the new additions.
"It's just a brand new station vehicle," said Debban. "It's decked out in everything US92. It's got our new logo and it's got a green light on the very top of it."
People around Norfolk will be seeing a lot more green, especially in the downtown area.
"So whenever there's live music on the inside, we'll turn those lights on and you'll know that it's going to be a great night," said Debban.
Debban said it's about more than just tunes.
"It really helps the community grow in each and every way," said Debban. "With us, as well as the bar, and the people that get the benefit of going to go listen to some live music."  
Businesses like District table & Tap, 5th Street Tavern, and Harbor Bar are willing to give it a try, moving forward with plans.
"I think after COVID-19, everyone was on board," said Debban.
The attempt to drive up community engagement starts up in the Fall when summer is in the rearview, and winter is the next stop.
"No matter what, if it's snowing...if the green light is on US92 is going to be there," said Debban.

Debban said "Green Light, Great Night" will start in October with 31 bands in 31 days.