Quinn found guilty on 13 of 14 counts of sexual assault and trafficking

BEAVER CITY, Neb. -- William Quinn was found guilty on 13 of 14 counts of sexual assault and trafficking. This decision comes after five hours of deliberation by the jury.

Quinn was not found guilty of one count of felony first-degree sexual assault.

His sentencing date is scheduled for September 15, and faces five terms of life in prison, plus 177 years. 

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson responded to the jury decision in Quinn trail:

“I appreciate the hard work and time commitment given by this Furnas County jury to reach this verdict. I want to thank our team of experienced prosecutors, along with the Furnas county attorney, for their professional presentation of the evidence. Thank you also to the team of investigators and law enforcement for their dedication and excellent efforts to bring this case to justice.

“Finally, I want to thank the victim for having the strength to come forward with the truth,” said Peterson in a news release Friday.