Prison ordered after drug court terminated

AUBURN - Charles Wakefield, 27, of Auburn was sentenced to two years in prison followed by 12 months post release supervision for possession of methamphetamine after his drug court placement was terminated.

District Judge Rick Schreiner told Wakefield at sentencing that he had read a letter Wakefield sent him about needing a detention facility that would allow him to continue taking medications for anxiety and sleeplessness.

Judge Schreiner told Wakefield that it is possible that he will not need anxiety and sleeplessness medications once he stops using methamphetamine.

He told Wakefield that a drug-free life is available to him, but it will take work on his part.

Schreiner: “I’m sorry drug court did not work out. What they wanted for you was success and a life without needing substances in order to cope. The way you’re living is just biding your time until you die.

“If the Legislature would give me a treatment facility as an option, I could fill it up in a month and would fill it up in a month.

“No one wants you to go to prison …. You need time to separate yourself from the person you are today from the person we know you can become.”

Wakefield was also scheduled for arraignment on a Jan. 31 possession charge, that includes allegations of a firearm offense and habitual criminal.

Following the sentence before Judge Schreiner, Wakefield would not speak to Judge Julie Smith. She rescheduled arraignment for May 26.