Presentation on Labor Slavery at Nebraska City Rotary

NEBRASKA CITY- The Global Slavery Index estimates that there are 40.3 million people in the world held in labor slavery today—and the proccess to escape it is nearly impossible.

In a recent Nebraska City Rotary Club meeting, guest speaker Drew Graham spoke on behalf of the International Justice Mission, and the topic was about worldwide labor slavery. 

Graham, who has traveled to Cambodia among other nations whom are poverty-stricken, says that it’s fairly easy to get pulled into labor slavery.

“People that are put in a situation, or a business, where they can not escape,” Graham said. “So, I have to move somewhere where I have to take out a loan. I take out a loan from a business and then they hold that over me.” 

Graham says that the businesses will then tell the person, “you can come work off that loan.” At the end of the month, however, the businesses will add on things to the loan. For example, living conditions, food, interest to the loan, etc. 

Graham says that the options for people who are roped into labor slavery are limited. The person can either bring more people in to work on their behalf, but that option will mean that their friends and family will have the same dilemma. The other option, Graham says, is to just try and run. The downside from that is the businesses will have the police find whomever is missing and will subsequently add more money onto however much they already owe.

Graham says that the goal of the International Justice Mission is to make that 40.3 million people in labor slavery, move closer and closer to zero.