Poppy’s Pumpkin Patch ends first spring season


NORFOLK -- Poppy's Pumpkin Patch in Norfolk closed out its first spring season this Mother's Day, and the results are in...they plan to repeat this new trend. 

The Wolken family took over the autumn attraction site in 2017, but this was the first year they were open for the spring season. Mashaela Wolken, owner, said they wanted to be open for spring this year to show off the birth of all the new animals; such as ducks, goats, and sheep. 

While many came to celebrate the holiday on the attraction site's last day, the owners called it a slower day considering how busy the spring season turned out. However, the weather did become a major challenge for the season. Saturday, May 8, they had to close early and also had many vendors cancel due to rain. But still, they had as many as 17 vendors come per day. Plus, visitors were excited about it. 

Brynlee Davis, after petting a goat, said the animals were "soft and beautiful."  She came with her mom to the attraction site/farm for her second time, saying "It's a great way to celebrate Mother's Day because you can spend time with your mother and spread love."

The petting zoo area consisted of llamas, sheep, goats, ducklings, chickens, and more. But there were more than new spring animals to see today -- there were also summer activities such as ziplines, swings, slides, tires, craft areas, and bicycling areas. 

Next season, the owners promise to add even more attractions. "We always try to add something new, every season," Ryan Wolken said. They might even start being open in the summer, but first the Wolkens hope to get the word out more.