Pop, bang, boom, zoom in Beatrice

BEATRICE - Fireworks sales and use are underway in Beatrice. The city has a tighter window for fireworks, July 1st through the Fourth.
In Nebraska, fireworks are allowed starting on June 25th, through the Fourth.

For Chris Cullison of CNC Fireworks, four stands will be operating, one in north Beatrice, two in Lincoln, and a new fireworks hut along East Court Street in Beatrice.  "This is a hut I've built with my welding kids in shop class. It was supposed to go out of town, but we didn't get it done in time, so the track team said they'd run it here, for me."

Cullison is an Industrial technology, welding teacher and coach at Beatrice High School. His other Beatrice fireworks stand is along North 6th, next to a car wash. CNC also operates stands in Lincoln on North 84th and on West “A” Street, run by veterans at the VFW.

This year fireworks are being sold under a new state law that expands what is available.

"So, we're allowed to have nighttime parachutes, bottle rockets, stick rockets. We pretty much have everything that Missouri has, except for wire sparklers. The colors of the sparklers on the bamboo, it's the same thing....it just doesn't have a wire stick. We're pretty close to what Missouri has."

Cullison says if there’s one change he could make in Beatrice, it would be allowing sales and use according to the state’s time frame, not just between July 1st and the Fourth.

"The reason for that is, everybody around us is already selling. There's people already shooting here. So, why not let them have some revenue from sales, rather than having people go elsewhere. We need the tax dollars just as well as the other cities do. Four days is tough. Lincoln is two days....that's even tougher."

CNC employs a half-dozen youth, adults and family members. So what sails off the shelf the fastest during fireworks season?  "I'm gonna say this year, it's going to be the bottle rockets. It's new, people are hungry for it. Otherwise, artillery shells are a very popular item or the five-hundred gram cakes...multi-shot cakes."

Typically, anywhere from eight to a dozen fireworks stands set up shop in Beatrice, during the Fourth of July period.