Police: Three men arrested in Sidney after stolen car discovered, one attempts to flee

SIDNEY, NE — Police say three men from southeast Wyoming are in custody after authorities responded to a series of incidents at businesses and hotels near Interstate 80 on July 4 and 5.

According to court documents, Cody Todd, Nicholas Hill and Calvin Aubin, all of Cheyenne, Wyo., are all facing multiple charges due to events that occurred over the holiday weekend. 

It started on Independence Day when officers were called to Walmart about a pair of suspicious people. According to court documents, an employee told police they believed two people in the store were planning to steal goods. Police say the two left without buying or stealing anything. 

The two, Aubin and Hill, then walked to a white car, grabbed a pair of backpacks and a box of fireworks and walked off. Officers approached the vehicle and found the license plates belonged to a red BMW, but the plates were not reported stolen. 

Police say they tracked down Aubin and Hill at Fat Dogs to ask about the car. Both denied having any knowledge it was stolen. According to court documents, Hill provided authorities with the fake name "Justin Case" during the conversation. After discovering his real name via his ID, Hill told the officers he lied about his name because he had a warrant for his arrest. Police confirmed that and placed Hill under arrest. 

Authorities returned to the white car and were able to unlock the door with the help of a nearby citizen. Police then checked the VIN which indicated the car had been stolen on July 1, from Cheyenne, Wyo., according to court documents. 

Police then continued with Aubin who said there was a third person who had the keys and was at the nearby Arby's. Aubin retrieved the keys from the man and turned them over to police. As he handed them over, a small bag containing suspected meth fell out of Aubin's pocket.

Police attempted to then place Aubin under arrest, but he fled, and ignored police commands, according to court documents. Police say after Aubin ran in between Fat Dogs and Days Inn, they lost track of him. 

Authorities then went to Arby's and found the third man. He originally told police his name was Tommi Todd before giving police his real name of Cody Todd. Police say Todd said he had the keys because he did not want his friends driving a stolen car, but then denied knowing it was stolen. 

At this point, police placed Todd under arrest. The search for Aubin meanwhile continued. 

At about 7:30 p.m. on July 4, police received a report of someone attempting to steal a truck from the Hampton Inn. The suspect made it to the I-80 on ramp before the car either broke down or ran out of gas, court documents say. They then ran back toward the Hampton Inn. 

When police entered the hotel, an employee told them the suspect ran down the hallway and up the stairs. Using security video, police identified the suspect as Aubin. The Sidney Police Department, Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office and Nebraska State Patrol combined their efforts to search the building, but Aubin was not found. 

The morning of July 5, authorities received a report Aubin had been spotted at the Hampton Inn eating breakfast. Court documents say he then got into a tan SUV with a woman. Authorities found a car with that description in the Arby's parking lot. Police say they found Aubin inside the restaurant and arrested him. 

Todd, Hill and Aubin were all booked into Cheyenne County Jail. All three face a charge of theft by receiving stolen goods. Todd is also charged with criminal impersonation. Hill faces a fugitive from justice charge. 

Aubin is facing an additional theft charge, unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle, obstructing a police officer and possession of a controlled substance.