Police: ‘Do not speculate’ as search for missing La Vista boy continues

PAPILLION, Neb. (WOWT) — As the search for 11-year-old Ryan Larsen continued into its fourth night, La Vista Police urged the public not to speculate or share rumors, saying it does more harm than good. Now, as the search enters into Friday morning, police have called off volunteers in the search for Laresen.

When police set up a caution tape perimeter around Walnut Creek Lake in Papillion on Thursday afternoon, nearby residents were alarmed.

La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten said the action was because they do not want large groups gathering anymore, as it could startle Ryan; and because it was an active search scene. Police said they don’t want anyone walking through the area, perhaps compromising clues as to Ryan’s whereabouts, if there were any.

Thursday evening, authorities were focusing some search efforts at Walnut Creek Lake in Papillion.

La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten shed some light Thursday evening on the medications that Ryan has been on and the effects he might be struggling with after missing doses.

“We have a list of what medications he’s on. We’ve talked to doctors about the effects of those medications, and that’s concerning, that some of the things that he needs to be on,” Lausten said. “You can still survive without those meds, but it helps you cope with the different things that are out there.”

That’s why the efforts to find him have been scaled back — so he’s not scared.