Pitch your business to win in Neligh

NELIGH - If you're a budding entrepreneur looking for the right place to get started, you may want to give Neligh a try.

The town's office of economic development is hosting a special contest where the best 4 sales pitches win.

"People like to win things," said Neligh Director of Economic Development Lauren Sheridan-Simonsen, "so we gave them a chance to submit a video and tell us why we should pick you for this great prize package that Bri put together."

If the city likes what you're offering, you win a trip to Neligh to see if it will be a good fit for your prospective project - complete with a private tour of the historical sites in town and even a chance to kayak down the Elkhorn River.

"We both got really excited with the possibilities of what this could bring to our community," said Assistant Director of Economic Development Bri O'Brien.

"And also be able to show everybody what our community has to offer."

And if you like what Neligh is offering, several local businesses will pitch in to help you get your business settled and started - including free fiber internet courtesy of Stealth Broadband, which got its own start in that very town.

"The city is very forward-thinking, going, 'we gotta do things to pull people in', Sheridan-Simonsen said, "and there is a huge support system available within the community."

Nobody has sent in their pitches yet - which is all the more reason to sign up for the chance to win.

"This is the perfect time to get involved, to start your own business, to take responsibility for your own future."

"But it's taking that step and submitting that video and realizing you have a chance."

And that chance will run until June 30th, 5pm. You can submit your business pitch video to lauren@neligh.org.