Pilot okay after plane crash near Deshler

DESHLER – A pilot is okay after his crop duster went down in a cornfield near Deshler in Thayer County on Wednesday.

The crash happened around 1:50 p.m. just east of Nebraska Highway 5.

The pilot, Nick Bagley of Arkansas, was spraying a corn field with pesticide for CMK Aerial, Inc. out of Sutton.

Bagley was evaluated by Deshler EMTs and refused transport to a hospital. It’s unclear why the plane went down.

Deshler Fire and Rescue, along with the Thayer County Sheriff’s Office, had the area secured, and will for the next 48 hours before any investigations begin.

Thayer County Sheriff David Lee says this is for safety reasons, because of the chemicals the plane was hauling.

There are no homes in the area that need to be evacuated. A piece of the plane’s tail fin got stuck in some power lines just overhead. Norris Public Power is investigating any potential damage. The town of Deshler and the nearby Reinke Manufacturing plant reportedly lost power on Wednesday afternoon.