Paying tribute to an unsung hero from World War II

At Heroes Park, located at the Norfolk Veterans Center, there's a special statue that stands offering an apple in one hand and a basket in the other.

It's called 'Our Canteen Lady', it was sculpted by Sondra Johnson and modeled after Rae Wilson from North Platte.

Going back over 70 years ago, a place called the 'North Platte Canteen' was where nearly 55 thousand women during world war 2 provided refreshments and hospitality to over seven million soldiers who were on their way to fight for the United States.

The canteen that operated in Norfolk, didn't quite serve the number of soldiers like the one in North Platte, but they did serve "piping hot foods" to people traveling through town in support of the war, and they did this despite, most of the trains arriving as late as 1:30 in the morning.

And now, the statues serve as a thank you to all of the Nebraska women who helped during those difficult times.

Jerry Eisenhauer, who works at the Norfolk Veterans Center, told NCN that the statue is a great addition to the already beautiful Heroes Park

'I think it's great. It's just one more addition to our park. The foundation has done a fantastic job getting the park established and now they are continuing to add features to it. Which, it just enhances the beauty and the functionality of the park," said Eisenhauer.

The special dedication will take place at the Norfolk Veterans Home, next Tuesday, August 17th, at 3 pm, and the public is indeed invited to attend.