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Parents voice concerns about mask mandate in North Platte schools

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Students in the North Platte School District begin classes the week of August 16.

Currently, there is no mask mandate implemented for students. Masks are highly recommended but not required for students who are not vaccinated. These guidelines are outlined in the Return to School Plan.

In the August 9 school board meeting, parents shared their concerns about health decisions such as mask-wearing and vaccinations.

“Masks-wearing in schools last year was an unfair burden that was placed on our kids,” said Parent Jennifer Thomas.

“I hope they hear our concerns and know that everyone does not agree with mask mandates and requiring vaccinations for our children,” said Parent Courtney Koehn.

Parents challenged the school board members and asked to place themselves in their children’s shoes. One parent explained her child’s health issue from pro-longed masked wearing.

“I just wanted them to think about the other things that could be going on with students besides enforcing masks,” said Parent Karla Downey. “We have the virus on hand and other the hand; you have students like our daughter who suffers from migraines. Her wearing a mask all day made them 100 times worse.”

There is no mask mandate going into the 2021-2022 school year thus far.