Over 70 gamers compete in Norfolk video game tournament

NORFOLK, Neb. - A tournament in northeast Nebraska is host to competitive video gaming.

Organizers say the Norfolk LAN Party is the largest in northeast Nebraska.

"To bring 75 to 100 individuals to game on tournament style is unheard of, you have to travel at least two hours to get to something like this," said Norfolk LAN committee member Dr. David Kassmeier.

Around 75 gamers came out to compete.

"It's a whole different environment, a lot of different experiences that you don't get when you're chilling at home," said Norfolk High School Sophomore Dylan Frohberg.

Frohberg said this is his third LAN.

"You can share different ideas, you can share different viewpoints on games, and learn from each other," said Frohberg.

The event is in its second year and organizers say its just the start.

"My vision is to just keep on growing," said Dr. Kassmeier.

The growth can be seen across the world, esports jobs grew 185 percent within the first six months of 2019, according to Esports Insider.

Nebraska is staying ahead of the curve, providing collegiate esports at a handful of colleges across the state, including Wayne State College, Bellevue University, Midland University, and Concordia University

"It's not a mechanical world anymore, it's a technology world," said Dr. Kassmeier.