OPD: Man armed with shotgun, later charges officer

OMAHA, Nebr. -- Tuesday evening, Omaha Police responded to an armed disturbance at 821 N 47th Street. Police say the officers were advised the 911 caller had said a man was armed with a shotgun, and was attempting to kick in his door. 

Police say officers arrived on the scene and began to approach the residence, the suspect, Marco Cedillo, 36, had discharged a firearm numerous times. 

Officials say that there were additional patrol officers and the Emergency Response Unit at the scene. As the situation continued, Cedillo fired multiple rounds from within his apartment. 

Trained crisis negotiators were used in an attempt to communicate with Cedillo, and when he ceased communication, less lethal munitions were used to try to get Cedillo to exit his home, according to OPD.

Police say he eventually came out of the apartment, still holding a firearm, dropped the firearm and proceeded to charge towards officers on foot. 

Officers then used loud verbal commands and pepperballs to gain compliance, and they were able to take Cedillo into custody without further incident. 

Police say there were no officers injured and no officers discharged their firearms. The shotgun that Cedillo had dropped outside his residence was recovered. 

Cedillo was booked at Douglas County Corrections for two counts of attempted first-degree felony assault on an officer, three counts of shooting at an occupied dwelling, five counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony, and one count of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.