One last weekend this season, for Big Blue Water Park in Beatrice

BEATRICE – The Big Blue Water Park in Beatrice is nearing its close for the season.  "We had a fairly good season....didn't have any issues, really."

Beatrice Public Properties Director Mark Pethoud says the facility at 12th and Scott was closed for Thursday and Friday with the start of the new school year, but will have a couple of weekend days remaining for public use this season.

"We will be open on Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday is a free day. So, you can bring the family out from twelve to five and enjoy a free day at the pool."

Next Tuesday, August 17th, the Beatrice Humane Society will use the water park pool for their annual dog swim fundraiser, where dog owners can bring their pets in, for a splash. Because the facility loses lifeguard help due to students going back to school or college, it’s not practical to stay open through the Labor Day weekend.

"Both of our managers are in the school system, so that's tough...and just all the college kids and then all the high school kids participating in sports, they can't be there. We did stay open for a few weekends, but then we saw attendance wasn't really worth staying open...and then the costs to stay open. If you're closed during the week, you still have your chemical where you have to have someone go down and check it, daily."

Pethoud says operations were much easier this summer, without the Covid restrictions on capacity and social distancing of the prior season.