Old Hadar Road ready for renovations

HADAR - Wet, dirty, and way too bumpy.

Old Hadar road has seen much better days. Madison County Officials are finally putting a renovation plan in motion in just a few days.

“It was originally planned way before that,” said District 3 Madison County Commissioner Troy Uhlir.

Some touch-ups were due in 2019. But due to the flood’s destruction on Highway 13, all kinds of traffic were detoured across the 2 mile stretch of road - to devastating effect.

“The cost of it more than double for what we’re going to have to do," Uhlir said.

Despite setbacks, the road repair is back on track - much to the relief of the town’s Fire Chief.

“It’s going to be a definite improvement, for sure," said Hadar Fire and Rescue Chief Gary Schuett.

The plan is to mill the road, remove asphalt and dirt, reapply the base and finally recoat the concrete.

The finished product will make the road a much more attractive option. While it may be good for Hadar business, it’s not without its potential problems for those who actually live on Old Hadar Road.

“Years ago when the road was nice, there was a lot of people taking that road. Now when it gets improved, resurfaced, it is going to probably increase traffic," Schuett said.

“There was a lot of people trying to back out of their driveways and had to plan accordingly in order to get their way to work.”

The construction signs are set to be planted April 13th, with traffic being restricted to only Hadar residents for the duration.

“It’s a mile and a half of concrete we gotta put down, so it will be a few months [before completion]," Uhlir said.

Complications besides, Schuett is looking forward to some more development in the village.

“Oh yeah. It needed to be done. That’s for sure," Schuett said.