Off The Rails giveaway ends with mower road trip

SIDNEY, NE — A John Deere lawn mower has a new home. 

98.7 The Big Boy and Cheyenne County Country's Off The Rails giveaway came to an end September 1. 

When all was said and done, Laurie Kohlschmidt took home the grand prize. 

Over the summer the radio station took in guesses from people on how far they believed the mower would go on a single tank of gas. About 2,000 people ventured a guess. 

Wednesday, everyone discovered the correct answer as we filled the mower's 3.3 gallon tank and drove it north on Highway 385 starting in Sidney. 

The John Deere made it just north of Dalton before running out of gas 23.1 miles into its journey. Kohlschmidt was the only one to guess that distance. 

"I was at work and when I was leaving one of my co-workers pulled up and she was screaming, saying that I had won the lawn mower," Kohlschmidt said. 

98.7 The Big Boy and Cheyenne County Country would like to thank 21st Century Equipment and all participating businesses that took registrations all summer and everyone who guessed.

We also want to recognize the Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office who provided an escort Wednesday.