NPS drafts letter opposing drafted NDE health education standards

NORFOLK, Neb. -- The Norfolk Public Schools Board of Education will vote to send a letter opposing the drafted health education standards put forward by the Nebraska Department of Education.

The letter comes after a number of concerned residents spoke at the NPS school board on Monday, July, 12th. The letter will be voted on during tomorrow's Board of Education meeting at noon.

The letter, found on the News Channel Nebraska website reads the following:

Dr. Blomstedt and Members of the Nebraska State Board of Education,

After reviewing the current (first) draft of the proposed health education standards and considering the feedback of our constituents (including parents, grandparents, community
members, and concerned citizens) we would like to reiterate the need for a second draft of these standards devoid of the current sex education standards and other sensitive topics over which you have received countless complaints. We believe that these topics are best taught by parents or guardians, within the context of family values, and we oppose their inclusion in the Nebraska State Standards.

Thank you for listening to the feedback of your constituents as you proceed to work on a new draft. The Norfolk Public School Board of Education believes that the primary responsibility for educating students on human reproduction, gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexuality belongs to parents. Please remove these aspects from the standards in your second draft. This is imperative in order to restore the faith of our patrons in the Nebraska State Board of Education and Nebraska Public Schools.

The Norfolk Public Schools will wait until the second draft of health education standards is released before approving or voting against the reformed version of the standards. Under a new policy, the NPS will now hold a vote on all standards approved by the Nebraska Board of Education not required by law. If voted against, the NPS will then create their own standards based on what they feel benefits the school district and after hearing feedback from the NPS community.