NPPD talks about high temperatures, ways to save money during heat surges

Through the next couple of days, parts of Nebraska are going through dangerously high temperatures that have or will reach over 100 degrees.

With the tense heat, most people will be spending their time indoors trying to cool off with their air conditioners. Thousands of people are using air conditioners on full blasts, and it begs to wonder if a power outage could happen with massive amounts of energy being consumed.

The Nebraska Public Power District isn't concerned about that possibility.

"We believe we have a good system in place. Our transmission system is good, our distribution systems are good. But, it's a matter of making sure we've got enough energy to meet the demands." said Mark Becker, who is the supervisor of corporate media at the Nebraska Public Power District.

With constant use of things like an air conditioner, people's energy bills might go up, especially during the hot summer weeks.

Some people might not realize, there are tons of ways to not only save energy but money on your bill as well.

Mark Becker wants people around the area to know, it doesn't take much.

"Grill out a little more. Instead of having your stove heat up and get the whole house warmed up, and that's more of a burden on the air conditioning," said Becker

NPPD also says appliances people might already have in their home, can provide great use to saving money.

"The fan on their furnace and they're running the air conditioner, run the fan. Because that will help run some of that cool air throughout the house." Becker added.

The heatwave is expected to die down starting on Thursday and next week will see a drop to the mid-80s.

Officials are also advising people who go outside, to drink plenty of water and eat easy-to-digest food.