NPD reports multiple instances of disturbing the peace during holiday weekend

NORFOLK, Neb. – Two Norfolk men were arrested for instances of disturbing the peace during the long holiday weekend.

On Sunday night, 21-year-old Rashid Perry was reportedly found intoxicated in front of a person’s home on 9th Street.

Officers were able to wake Perry and asked if he needed any medical attention, which he declined. Perry allowed officers to search him and they recovered an open liquor bottle, according to a press released issued by the Norfolk Police Division.

The responding officer issued Perry a citation for open container on public property, but he reportedly refused to sign the citation. Officers say an acquaintance of Perry’s arrived and also tried to convince him to sign the citation.

Perry reportedly continued to be argumentative, threw an officer-provided pen on the ground and continued to yell loudly. Norfolk Police Chief Michael Bauer says Perry resisted the officer’s attempts at handcuffing him. Bauer says after being handcuffed, Perry went limp and refused to walk and had to be carried to the police car. Once at the jail, he reportedly continued to refuse to walk and again had to be carried into the jail cell. He was arrested for disturbing the peace, refusal to sign a citation and obstructing a peace officer.

On Labor Day evening, Norfolk Police were called to the 600 block of Queen City Boulevard after a man was reported walking around the apartments yelling and swearing at the other apartment tenants.

Officers located the man and identified him as Isaiah Wallowingbull, 30, of Norfolk. Wallowingbull was reportedly intoxicated and uncooperative with the officers. He was issued a warning for disturbing the peace and officers left the area.

As the officers were leaving the area, the same reporting party called again and stated that Wallowingbull had just broken her window. Officers located Wallowingbull a second time, and he reportedly began to the run from the officers.

Officers followed and he eventually stopped, arresting Wallowingbull for criminal mischief, disturbing the peace, and obstructing a peace officer. Both suspects were housed in the Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to the Madison County Jail.