Norfolk Uses CARES Act to Make Necessary Road Repairs


The project will target multiple locations across the city and provide much needed repairs. However, the project comes with a very large price tag. The city council approved a contract worth $1,167,210.57 for the Constructors Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska to patch roads at these locations*:

  • Highway 81 Both Ways From Hwy. 275
  • Highway 81 & Pasewalk Avenue Patching
  • Norfolk Avenue East of 27th Street Patching
  • Norfolk Avenue from 7th Street to 1st Street
  • 37th Street From U.S. Highway 275 to City Limits
  • North 1st Street from Benjamin Avenue to Flood Control
  • Norfolk Avenue from Cottonwood Street to East of Flood Control
  • 7th Street from Madison Avenue to Prospect Avenue
  • Michigan Avenue from 13th Street to Glenn Avenue
  • 18th Street from Skyline Drive to Bel-Air Road
  • Parking Lot West of 3rd Street Between Madison Avenue and Norfolk Avenue
  • Parking Lot East of 3rd Street Between Madison Avenue and Norfolk Avenue

*locations taken from the City of Norfolk 06/07/2021 agenda packet

City Officials says that a project of this magnitude is not a normal occurrence. In fact the only reason the over $1.1 Million project is taking place is because of government funding. According to the Norfolk City Council $1,000,000 of the project is being taken directly from the federal government’s CARES Act.