Norfolk Senior Citizen Center opens for activities

NORFOLK — A reopening strategy months in the making: plans for the senior citizen center in Norfolk began last October but only now is the place’s activities center officially open for business. 

“It gives us something to do when we’re alone at home,” said Norfolk’s Barbara Copple. 

Executive Director of the center, Cheryl Gesell, said most people were excited when the center opened Monday.

“I’m just excited for the staff, they’ve worked so hard!” Copple exclaimed. 

But Gesell is proceeding with caution. Wednesday, the two worked on selling Memorial Day flowers. For future activities, they will continue to schedule the room and make sure it’s not overbooked. Gesell has also given maintenance specific cleaning instructions, and does not allow anyone in the kitchen. She asked guests of the center to avoid it if they ever feel symptoms. 

Going forward, they’ll continue to monitor CDC guidelines, and hopefully open for more freedom in the summer. She hopes June will offer conglomerate meals, and that in July they can allow people to come without scheduling. She even hopes to plan a dance, soon.