Norfolk Public Schools’ plan will not require masks or vaccines

NORFOLK, Neb. --Norfolk Public Schools held a board meeting Thursday, June 24, approving a back-to-school plan for their districts. 

NPS reviewed the plan and explained the reasoning behind each decision and clear up any confusion parents had about the plan. Guidelines for the plan were created based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Nebraska Association of Local Health Departments, the Elkhorn Logan Valley Health Department, the Nebraska Department of Education, and the United States Department of Education.

Under these recommendations, it was determined that students and staff would not have to wear a mask during school. Wearing a mask or face covering will still be allowed and is encouraged for students and staff that haven't received a COVID-19 vaccine. Students will also not be required to get a vaccine before returning to school and will not have to provide paperwork showing they were vaccinated.

"So we are planning to encourage parents whose children are not screened, if they're comfortable, to wear masks, but it is completely the parent's responsibility and the student's responsibility," School Board President Sandy Wolfe said. "Of course we encourage people to be vaccinated if they feel that's what seems right to them, but it is an individual's responsibility."

The plan is scheduled to be reevaluated in six months but can be changed earlier if needed. Should cases begin to rise again, the plan can be changed to better reflect the current status of the outbreak. The plan also states that individual buildings may require masks later in the year, depending on how many cases that particular building receives.

Students and staff who are sick must stay home and get tested. The school also says students shouldn't return to school until they have spent 24 hours fever-free without the help of medication. To look at the plan approved by the NPS School board you can do so by clicking this link to their agenda web page. From there you can click on the document in the online agenda to view the document.