Norfolk Police Division officer sworn in

NORFOLK, Neb. - The Norfolk Police Division adds a new member to its force.

Former New Orleans police officer, Brent Lowe was sworn in Monday night in Norfolk. 

Officer Lowe, a former marine, says he's looking forward to being closer to his family.

"You get to dedicate a little more time to the individual victims, whereas in New Orleans we just had to take a report and move on," said Officer Lowe. "You don't really get face time. But with this, you can run it to ground a little bit easier because you've got that kind of time."

The Norfolk Police Division is now made up of 40 sworn-in officers. 

Cheif Don Miller says it's nice knowing people still want to serve, despite some of the nation's unrest toward law enforcement.

"It's one thing to have a new officer that has an interest but they don't know what they're getting into yet," said Chief Miller. "You have somebody who knows what it's like, but still wants to do what's right for the community and fit into our culture. It helps the morale of everybody."

Officer Lowe will head to Grand Island to begin his training at the academy.