Norfolk man arrested after allegedly driving into ditch, hitting fire hydrant, fleeing

NORFOLK, Neb. -- A 40-year-old Norfolk man is in custody after allegedly driving into a ditch, hitting a fire hydrant and then leaving the scene.

Norfolk Police were called to the scene Monday evening on West Pasewalk Ave near the 2400 block. Police say they also provided the description of the vehicle.

Responding police units then located the vehicle driven by Justin Zohner on North 25th street near the 900 block where the driver was going northbound in the center, left turn lane.

Police say an officer was driving southbound and the suspect’s car was drifting into the southbound traffic lane causing the officer to pull onto the shoulder to avoid a head-on collision.

Authorities say the officer was able to perform a traffic stop and had contact with the driver, who was identified as Zohner, as well as the passenger in the vehicle.

The officer spoke to both occupants and recovered a can of compressed air from the vehicle. 

Police say it was determined that Zohner had inhaled the compressed air shortly before driving which caused his impaired driving ability.
Zohner was arrested for a fourth offense of driving under the influence of drugs. He was being held in the Norfolk City Jail and was later transferred to the Madison County Jail.