Norfolk making needed repairs to roads and rivers

NORFOLK -- The Engineering Division of Norfolk will be proposing its plan for its 2022 budget of three million dollars in a week.

NCN caught up with director Steven Rames to find out how they're spending the rest of their 2021 budget. Rames said he's most excited about the asphalt overlay project, an effort to cover potholes on Highway 81 and around town that he says is long overdue. The project will be ongoing this month. The crews work 10 hour days to get everything done quickly and will work at night to avoid backups and bad detours. 

Also, Norfolk will be shutting its river off next week, to fix the levy following the 2019 floods. 

"We'll keep 10 percent of flow for the aquatic life," Rames said. 

The river will be closed for two weeks.