Norfolk looking for a new Parks & Recreation Director

NORFOLK, Neb.-- The search is on to fill an important job. 

The city of Norfolk is looking for someone to oversee all the policies and work being done to the public parks in the area.

The current Parks and Recreation Director,' Pat Mrsny, announced his retirement recently and will step down on October 1st.

NCN got the chance to talk with his boss, Norfolk's City Administrator, Andy Colvin, about the search process.
He talked about what they’ll be looking for when reviewing potential applicants.

“I would say somebody with a lot of experience in parks and recreation. There might be folks that might have experience in state parks, game, fish, wildlife, forestry. So, there’s a whole wide variety of backgrounds that would make an ideal candidate for the position,” said Colvin.

Colvin also talked about what the city hopes to focus on in the near future with all of the different projects going on around and in Norfolk. 

“I think a lot of it will be big-picture planning for Norfolk Parks and Recreation. The city does provide a lot of facilities and amenities from athletics to recreation. So, I would say there needs to be big-picture master planning that needs to be done,” Colvin also added. 

While big issues will be on the top of everyone's minds, those we spoke to at area parks say they hope there will also be extra attention to some of the smaller things, like anthills and proper turf for playgrounds. 

Applicants that might be interested in the position have until September 1st to get their application forms in. 

Potential applicants can find the form by clicking here