Norfolk City Council delays action on redevelopment plan

NORFOLK - The city of Norfolk is delaying action on a section of land drawing concern from neighboring residents.

The council Monday tabled the Planning Commission's recommendation to approve a blighted and substandard designation for the area along Highway 275 on Norfolk's west side.

The council heard concerns from multiple residents, many of whom said they are worried about what may happen on a plat of land owned by Ho-Chunk, inc. - the business arm of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

"I don't have a problem with anything except that north rectangle," said area resident and business owner John Dinkel. "That north parcel happens to be the north property line of what Ho-Chunk just bought. That was not disclosed publicly until some citizens brought it up and it was disclosed publicly last week."

News Channel Nebraska first reported that Ho-Chunk owned the property on June 11th.

City officials said Monday that Ho-Chunk has not sent in any plans for what they will build on their property and have not been told what they will use the land for as of yet.

Councilman Cory Granquist made a successful motion to table the approval of the survey until the next meeting.

"There's no rush in passing this today," the First Ward councilman said. "Let's at least think it over a little bit and then have the full council here to vote on it."

Granquist says the extra time will give the council an opportunity to take in what citizens had to say before they vote again in July.