Norfolk adds new locations to annexation plan

NORFOLK, Neb. -- The City of Norfolk approved a resolution to add multiple locations to the 2019 Norfolk Boundary study and to use that updated study for an annexation plan.

The plan would extend the city limits to areas currently not within Norfolk's boundary. Many locations being added are properties already owned by the city such as the Norfolk Airport, Nord Park, and Well Head Protection.

City leaders say that byy adding these proposed locations, as well as others, the city of Norfolk could provide services to areas currently considered out of city limits. These services include Fire and Rescue, Police, Medical services, electricity, water, and sewage. Many of these locations already receive services from the city of Norfolk, but incorporating them into the city will allow for needed infrastructure to be built, and allow the city to make any needed repairs to existing services.

The plan will have a public hearing on September 7, so community members can provide feedback on the plan. Additional readings and city council meetings will take place following the public hearing. To see the areas of annexation and learn more about the project, the city of Norfolk will be uploading the entire project to their website on Wednesday.