No need for experts: volunteers sought for northeast Nebraska children

NORTHEAST NEBRASKA -- "You can be a really helpful advocate for kids outside your home without needing to fully commit," Mo Bailey said as she talked about CASA -- Court Appointed Special Advocates. 

Though a national organization, CASA of Northeast Nebraska is in short supply of volunteers. It’s impacting kids who are most in need of support.

Bailey has been a CASA since 2019, and she's seen what a difference it can make for kids to have someone without an ulterior motive to make sure they're treated fairly in court and that the judge has all the unbiased facts. 

"You don’t need to be an expert to get started," she said. 

CASA are asked to volunteer just one hour per month of their time to visit the kid, ask them about their living conditions, and make recommendations to the judge based on that fact-gathering about where the best place for the kid to be is. The children can be any age under 18. 

Executive Director Karri Roling-Wilson hopes CASA can start expanding to cover the entire northeast, such as Stanton County and Woodland Park.

"This is so necessary because there are so many kids out there in need of advocates," Roling-Wilson said. 

You can learn more at their fundraiser on September 6.

Call the office at 402-371-9599 or sign up at