No mill levy increase included in Sidney’s proposed budget

SIDNEY, NE — A town in the panhandle has a proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

Sidney’s proposed budget unveiled during Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Included in the major projects is a $2 million back up generator and relay for the electric department to prevent extended power outages.

City manager David Scott had good news for taxpayers when it comes to the city’s mill levy.

"After we met with the council in the budget workshop, it was decided that this 0.586371 [mill levy] does not change," Scott said. "It's been that way for the last three years, in '19-20, '20-21 and we are proposing no mill levy increase for the taxpayer in '21-22 either. 

The council will vote to approve or deny the proposed budget at their next meeting. The full budget presentation can be found on the city's website in the Aug. 24, meeting packet. 

Also Tuesday, the city council approved a resolution re-designating part of downtown Sidney as a blighted area. This is done to fulfill a requirement as the city applies for Community Development Block Grant funds, which helps building owners in the blighted area bring buildings up to code. They can also be used for facade improvements. 

The council also approved the appointment of former Economic Development Director Melissa Norgard to the Historic Preservation Board.