Ninth day of cross-state hike ‘Walk the Walk’

O'NEILL, Neb. -- A few weeks ago, we told you about two men walking across Nebraska to honor Highway 20's designation as a Medal of Honor Highway. On Wednesday, the ninth day of walking, we caught up with them. 

"We see people coming out of the woodwork," Daryl Harrison said of people's support as they walk by. 

Harrison committed to walking across Highway 20 last year in an event called "Walk the Walk." He recruited his friend Ken Hanel to help trade off walking every two hours, with an RV following them. 

"The patriotism is overwhelming," Hanel said.

They notified the Nebraska State Patrol and Department of Transportation and then reached out to the cities they would pass through -- some towns offering potlucks, others a parade.

In O'Neill, a line of emergency responders and city officials lead the two through the town as Highway 20 passed through.

"It takes its toll but read the stories of Nebraska's Medal of Honor recipients," Harrison said. 

The two carried name cards of recipients to spend their walking time reflecting on. 

Harrison and Hanel hope this promotion for Medal of Honor recipients could one day lead to national recognition of the highway.

The last leg of the journey on May 22nd will take the men to Siouxland Freedom Park in South Sioux City for a ceremony with motorcycles and Medal of Honor recipients.

"The thunder is coming," Harrison said.