Nick Townsend was eliminated from ‘American Idol’

Nick Townsend was eliminated from ‘American Idol’
Courtesy: ABC

Nick Townsend won’t be named “American Idol.”

The Nebraska native was eliminated from the singing competition on Sunday night’s episode.

Townsend, 26, graduated from Tekamah-Herman High School. Afterward, he joined the performing arts college of the Young Americans performing troupe. He has taught and performed throughout the U.S. and overseas.

He’s also been featured heavily during the first few weeks of “American Idol.”

After being selected during the show’s Hollywood Week, Townsend and the rest of the top 40 contestants performed at a resort in Hawaii.

Each contestant sang on the beach in front of a live audience as well as judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. After each performance, the judges sat down with the contestants one-by-one to reveal their fate.

Townsend performed a cover of James Bay’s “Hold Back the River,” but the judges weren’t impressed.

“Last night was probably not your biggest and best performance we’ve seen. And it’s getting to the point of the competition where everybody had to be at the top of their game,” Bryan told Townsend. “Now we’re down to the business of a competition. This is a tough one.”

Bryan and the other judges were brought to tears at Townsend’s audition in the beginning of the season, when Townsend revealed that he was inspired to keep performing after his two brothers died from suicide.

“Losing both my brothers (was) a moment in life that definitely defines you. I can’t give up,” Townsend said Sunday night. “It’s tiring sometimes, but I know they’re here still lifting me up. When I walked onstage, I looked at the moon and thought of Zack and Matt, and it was glowing so bright. It was perfect.”

Townsend’s younger sister, Sam, was in Hawaii to watch him perform.

“I was so proud of Nick. I couldn’t stop smiling. My cheeks were hurting,” she said. “My brothers are cheering through me. I’m their voice now because they’re not here.”

Unfortunately, the performance didn’t go well for Townsend. Despite that, the judges had kind words for him.

“It’s very heavy on our hearts to let you know that you’re not in our top 20,” Bryan said. “We want to lift you up and let you understand that you are tremendously talented. Do not slow down in this musical dream.”

“Do you realize how many people you’ve inspired?” Richie added. “Do you know how many people you’ve saved?”

“American Idol” will continue. The show broadcasts on Sundays and Mondays on ABC. “Idol” typically names a winner and wraps up in late May.