Next Stop Chuckaboo Station: New business opens in Potter

POTTER, NE — A new business is serving up fresh brews in Potter.

"Coffee shop is open, and it's booming," Chuckaboo Station co-owner Drew Enevoldsen said. "We're loving every minute of it. It's so much fun."

Chuckaboo Station recently opened in the Panhandle town. Owners Drew and Teran Enevoldsen say they’ve wanted to open for a coffee shop for awhile. When a space in downtown became available, they jumped on the opportunity.

"We thought it would be fun to have a base of operations in downtown Potter," Drew said. "It's always been a dream to be a business owner in Potter."

The pair went with a Victorian feel on the inside. It may not have been a group decision however.

"The vibe I had nothing to do with," Drew said. "I didn't have a choice actually. My wife said 'I've always wanted a Victorian home so we're doing a Victorian coffee house,' and I said, 'Yes ma'am.'"

Potter residents have worked to restore the downtown area — hoping to make tourists feel they’re in a different time period. Chuckaboo Station aims to do the same.

"When you walk in here, we want you to forget about your classes, job, wherever you're at, when you walk in here, it's relaxing, it's peaceful," Drew said. "You get your favorite cup of joe and just relax."

Having recently opened, the Enevoldsens are taking advantage of the Nebraska Passport system. It’s been a great help for business.

"That is phenomenal," Drew said. "That program that the Nebraska tourism industry put together is like no other. It brings so many people to our area."

The new coffee shop and candle store was originally a gas station in the 1930s. Part of that feel remains as Scottsbluff-based Flyover Brewing Company moves in to the attached garage. Drew and Teran plan to continue work on the front patio as the business takes over the corner of Sherman and Chestnut Streets.