News Channel Nebraska awarded as a Champion of Education

LINCOLN - An effort to educate Nebraska's youth during the pandemic has been recognized by the state's education association.

News Channel Nebraska has been given the Champion of Education Award by the Nebraska State Education Association for the television's series "Teacher TV".

The network received the award at the NSEA awards banquet on Wednesday afternoon.

"It was just critical. We didn't have kids in the classroom, so we took the class room to the kids through Nebraska Teacher TV," Paul Schulte, an elementary school teacher at Grace-Abbott in Millard explained. "It was a chance to get out to the homes and make sure they knew we were still excited to teach them and to help them to learn when they couldn't be in our classrooms."

Teacher TV came together quickly according to he NSEA leaders who said the association was on a shoestring budget but was desperately looking for ways to reach students after the pandemic shutdown schools across the state.

The idea quickly gained traction and evolved over the several months that children were missing out on class time and stuck in their homes.

"Every adult in the state has a responsibility to care about children, and that's what we did. We showed that everybody did care about children," NSEA President Jenni Benson shared. "It's all about working together and Nebraska is well-known for doing that."

Elementary and high school lessons were televised statewide in more than 500,000 homes across Nebraska as well as streamed online for free in both English and Spanish.

"This would not have happened without the NSEA, make no mistake about it," CEO of Flood Communications, Andy Ruback said. "We educated thousands of thousands of kids across the state because of you guys. We're just lucky and honored to be your partner."


-------Children’s Fund Award------- 

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  • Battle Creek Faculty Association, highest per capita award

-------William Gallagher Award------- 

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  • News Channel Nebraska

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