Newest drought monitor shows improving conditions for western Nebraskans

Video above shows drought conditions in Nebraska from late January 2021 through May 25, 2021.

SIDNEY, NE — Nebraska's panhandle residents are slowly but surely seeing relief from drought conditions across the region. 

The latest U.S. drought monitor data shows the panhandle, with the exception of part of Sioux County, is now either listed under abnormally dry or not under drought conditions. 

It should be noted although data was Thursday, May 27, by the U.S. drought monitor, the data is current as of Tuesday, May 25. This means any rain the panhandle saw Wednesday as part of widespread storms across the state is not included in this week's report. 

Statewide, southwest Nebraska saw improvements in the latest drought monitor along with north central Nebraska. Northeast and southeast Nebraska remain largely unchanged from last week's report. 

Nearly 62 percent of the state is under no drought conditions. 

Rain chances return to western Nebraska this weekend. The National Weather Service is calling for showers on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Precipitation chances are the greatest in the southern panhandle on Sunday.