New location for rehab clinic almost ready for patients

NORFOLK - The building at 1900 Vicki street is looking a little messy outside.

But the interior is looking better than it has in years. Behavioral Health Specialists moved in last Summer, and nearly a year after renovation and construction began, the building is ready to welcome patients.

“We need to have people in here,” said Behavioral Health Specialists Executive Director Jay Fleecs. “Hopefully within 3 to 4 weeks, end of May, we will be in here.”

Behavioral Health Specialists is a clinic helping people with mental health, addiction, and foster care.

Phase 1 of the renovation will be a short-term residential area for drug rehabilitation, and it already has 50 people on the waiting list.

The clinic’s philosophy is to make outgoing patients better overall, with an approach that address physical, spiritual, and mental needs.

“That holistic approach is going to be incorporated at Behavioral Health Specialists, which is going to be a great thing," Fleecs said.

The building will give the clinic more carrying capacity, an increase of 9 beds compared to its old 24-bed facility. The size of the new venue will enable the growth of the clinic’s services.

The concept is to bring all of the clinic’s services under a single roof, meaning patients only have a short walk to get to the care they need.

They’re ready to officially get to business by the end of the month. And the completion of phase 1 is only the beginning.